Panic Button

Leave aside distress for any healthcare emergencies, we make you just a click away from your healthcare provider (healthcare advisor). Just push THE PANIC BUTTON!

You might be alone someday and start feeling very ill, incapable of calling an ambulance or reaching the nearest hospital. Just push the button and let your near ones know where you are and that you need immediate care.

With the user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, the Panic Button can make a real difference when you need it the most, especially in critical situations, wherein every second counts, one simple button push ultimately ensures that you receive the help you need.

Application Features
Emergency Message Can be sent by
– Click of Power Button
– By Mobile Home Screen Widget
– App Home Screen

MAX 5 Contacts Can be Added in the Emergency Contact List
Custom Message can be configured
Emergency Message is Sent with Geo-Location & Address.


How to Set-up App


1. Download the Panic Button app and Install it From Following LINK


2. After the App is installed, open the app.

(see below screenshot for reference)


3. After opening Configure your 5 Emergency Contacts

(see below screenshot for reference)


4. Configure your Emergency Broadcast Message.

(see below screenshot for reference)


5. Configure your Emergency Message Panic Button Settings by adding a Widget to your Mobile Home Screen. You Can Also send emergency panic message by pressing power button and in-app panic button.

(see below screenshot for reference)

Please do couple of test messages.